A luxurious white wine aperitif with fig liqueur, whisky and bubbles that is sure to cheer up any dark February evening

Serves 1

50ml Lillet Blanc
15ml fig liqueur – Figaro, ideally, but if you can’t find that, try Briottet or even pedro ximénez sherry
10ml saffron-infused whisky (I use Macallan 12yo, but any non-peaty one will work) – infuse a pinch of saffron threads in about 50ml whisky for at least an hour beforehand
Champagne, to top
2 drops chocolate bitters – we use Fee brothers’ Aztec chocolate bitters

There’s something a little decadent about this luxurious cocktail, in which the classic white wine aperitif Lillet Blanc is boosted with fig spirit, whisky, bubbles and a touch of chocolate. Sure to cheer up any dark February evening.

Pour the Lillet Blanc, fig liqueur and infused whisky into a mixing glass or jug, add ice and stir. Once well chilled, pour into a wine glass, top with champagne and add two drops of the bitters.

• Pawel Rolka, bar manager, Zuma, London SW7